Washington, DC - Arlington - Crystal City/Pentagon City, VA

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Studio Available upon request  
1 Bedroom Rate $149.99/day
2 Bedroom Rate $205.99/day
3 Bedroom Available upon request  
4 Bedroom Available upon request  
5 Bedroom Available upon request  
 * Rates exclusive of taxes/VAT.
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1 Post Pentagon Row 2 1401 Joyce on Pentagon Row 3 Acadia at Metropolitan Park 4 Millennium at Metropolitan Park 5 Point at Pentagon City 6 Meridian at Pentagon City 7 Gramercy at Metropolitan Park 8 Concord
Post Pentagon Row 1401 Joyce on Pentagon Row Acadia at Metropolitan Park Millennium at Metropolitan Park Point at Pentagon City Meridian at Pentagon City Gramercy at Metropolitan Park Concord
1 BR Rate $154.99/day(USD)
2 BR Rate $210.99/day(USD)
1 BR Rate $154.99/day(USD)
2 BR Available upon request
1 BR Rate $149.99/day(USD)
2 BR Rate $205.99/day(USD)
1 BR Rate $149.99/day(USD)
2 BR Rate $205.99/day(USD)
1 BR Rate $149.99/day(USD)
2 BR Rate $205.99/day(USD)
1 BR Rate $149.99/day(USD)
2 BR Rate $183.99/day(USD)
1 BR Rate $144.99/day(USD)
2 BR Rate $220.99/day(USD)
1 BR Rate $149.99/day(USD)
2 BR Rate $205.99/day(USD)

About the area:

Convenience Reigns Supreme In Our Pentagon City Corporate Housing

Experience an urban village on more than one level - literally. A network of underground shops and walkways make this vibrant community unique. Above ground, the area offers a dramatic streetscape of shops, office buildings, hotels, and exceptional Pentagon City temporary housing, all close to National Airport and Metrorail.

Crystal City - part of Pentagon City -- is quite simply a bastion of convenience. The fact that it is one of two Metro stations between the National Airport and the Pentagon attests to this convenience, as do the multiple BridgeStreet serviced apartments you'll find here. Choose from a wide variety of luxurious Pentagon City corporate housing options and join the thousands of people who live and work here. Discover why Crystal City is also very convenient for everyday necessities. Two pharmacies, seven banks, 14 doctor and dentist offices, a post office, and a supermarket are only a few of the amenities that Crystal citizens can find without having to brave the summer heat or winter cold.

Discover The Advantages Of Pentagon City Temporary Housing

Being a major hub for military and corporate activity, BridgeStreet understands the need for comfortable Arlington corporate housing. With multiple locations around Arlington and Pentagon City and serviced apartments ranging in size up to 3 bedrooms as well as resort-like amenities, we ensure guests experience the upmost level of service and comfort.

Looking for a convenient location that's close to the Metro and the Washington, DC power brokers? Trust BridgeStreet to deliver uncompromising quality and service. Choose your location, and reserve your Pentagon City corporate housing online now.