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Camberley - Surrey, United Kingdom

Average Daily Rates
Studio rates from £60.99/night
1 Bedroom rates from £70.99/night
2 Bedroom rates from £90.99/night
3 Bedroom Available upon request  
4 Bedroom Available upon request  
5 Bedroom Available upon request  
 * Rates exclusive of taxes/VAT.
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1 Royal Swan Quarter Apartments 2 Clarendon House Apartments
Royal Swan Quarter Apartments Clarendon House Apartments
1 BR rates from £70.99/night(GBP)
2 BR rates from £90.99/night(GBP)
1 BR rates from £70.99/night(GBP)
2 BR rates from £90.99/night(GBP)

About the area:

Camberley is a smart suburban family town in Surrey's western heathland.
The Surrey Heath Museum at Camberley may display Roman era relics from nearby Frimley, but the town itself has a somewhat shorter history.
Before the Royal Military Academy relocated to Sandhurst in 1812, Camberley simply wasn't on the map.
These days it's a large residential town, drawing families more interested in finding good schools and amenities than losing themselves in local heritage.

Shopping in Camberley is extensive, with the huge Marks & Spencer and Tesco stores dominating retail proceedings. Chain stores and theme pubs cater to a sizeable youth population, and there are plenty of sports facilities in the area. Locals are divided over whether the cinema is charming and cheap or old and musty, but the multiplexes of Guilford and Bracknell are within 10 miles.
Greenbelt recreation is nearby with Bagshot Heath and Windsor Wood offering beautiful walks. The view from Saddleback Ridge isn't bad either.

The local state schools in Camberley are popular and high performing. The area also has an excellent selection of private schooling options.

Having the A30 and M3 on your doorstep is not much of an attraction until you want get somewhere else. Leaving Camberley for the Airports, City, or routes elsewhere couldn't be easier. Train connections run to Waterloo regularly.