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Jersey, Channel Islands, United Kingdom

Average Daily Rates
Studio rates from £68.99/night
1 Bedroom rates from £68.99/night
2 Bedroom rates from £181.97/night
3 Bedroom Available upon request  
4 Bedroom Available upon request  
5 Bedroom Available upon request  
 * Rates exclusive of taxes/VAT.
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1 Liberty Wharf Apartments
Liberty Wharf Apartments
1 BR rates from £68.99/night(GBP)
2 BR rates from £151.97/night(GBP)

About the area:

Located some 100 miles (160 kms) south of mainland Britain, Jersey is the most southerly island of the British Isles. In fact, it's much closer to France, lying just 14 miles (22 kms) from its coast. Despite its compact size - just 9 miles by 5 miles (14 kms by 8 kms) - Jersey possesses a rich and varied landscape which sends visitors into sensory overload.

With its unspoiled landscape and unique blend of British and French influences, Jersey really is a place where you can get away from it all. Relax and enjoy the famed hospitality of its people, and lose yourself in the Island’s winding lanes or on its breathtaking coast.

Jersey possesses a fascinating and complex history stretching back over a thousand years. Its very landscape - Norman style farmhouses, narrow winding lanes, small fields and French street names. From the parapets of Mont Orgueil Castle to the gentle sweep of the bay beyond, it's hard to imagine a more peaceful and tranquil island. Yet Jersey's landscape and the character of its people are forged by centuries of battles, exploration, struggle and reinvention - leaving behind a unique legacy of history, culture and heritage.

The official language is English, and the cash machines dispense sterling - yet the streets are named in French.

Traditionally, Jersey's economy has been centred around agriculture, fishing and knitwear. Today, it's finance that dominates. The Island's low rate of income tax has attracted high net-worth individuals since Napoleonic times making Jersey an internationally renowned finance centre.