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How to improve a business travel experience

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to improve a business travel experience

Seasoned business travel veteran Steve Milby shared some of his tips for smart, efficient travel with USA Today, stressing preparation is key to experience the best of business travel.

Milby told the news source he packs light so he doesn't have a big bag to check and fetch at baggage claim, while he also arrives at the airport with just enough time to get through security and jump on his flight.

"I arrive at the airport at the last minute," Milby told the news source. "Every chance I get, I take the first row. (I'm) first on, so you make sure you can get in your seat, there's room for your stuff  - and first off because I've got places to go. I'm either headed for home or heading for work. And if I can avoid standing in the rear of the airplane waiting 25 minutes for people to get off, that's what I choose to do."

Considering the premium Milby puts on getting a good seat on a flight, business travelers may want to check out CNN's tips for how to score these.

The news source said airlines will often reward travelers in frequent flier programs with better seats, and it may be smart to always travel with the same airline to have access to some of the better perks. Another tip is to take advantage of the upgrade window by looking at when the travelers in benefits programs get upgraded, which may allow other to get upgraded to their vacated seats.

Early check in is another method business travelers can use to get the best seats, as many times, those who check in the earliest can get upgraded to the seats that are only able to be obtained by those who check in when it's first possible to do so, usually 24 hours before a flight, said the news source.

Milby often opts to relax throughout his flight, and rest up to gather energy for work when he arrives at his destination. Upon arrival, Milby and travelers like him can also find comfort at corporate suites, which provide a quiet place to rest throughout a rigorous business travel schedule. 

While visiting cities, Milby told USA Today that business travelers should also take advantage of their surroundings and get out and explore.

"I went to a really cool cigar bar in Miami a couple weeks ago, and it's something you wouldn't do in Montgomery, Alabama," Milby told the news source.