Phoenix - Downtown, AZ

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Studio Available upon request  
1 Bedroom Rate $98.99/day
2 Bedroom Rate $112.99/day
3 Bedroom Rate $120.97/day
4 Bedroom Available upon request  
5 Bedroom Available upon request  
 * Rates exclusive of taxes/VAT.
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1 Skyline Lofts 2 Trillium at Papago 3 Elevate at Desert Ridge
Skyline Lofts Trillium at Papago Elevate at Desert Ridge
1 BR Rate $103.99/day(USD)
2 BR Rate $117.99/day(USD)
1 BR Rate $95.99/day(USD)
2 BR Rate $109.99/day(USD)
1 BR Rate $98.99/day(USD)
2 BR Rate $112.99/day(USD)

About the area:

Greater Phoenix includes the older North Central Phoenix area which extends through the central Camelback corridor to just past Northern Avenue. "North Central" is relative, as the area has grown so much in recent years.

Beautiful upscale mansions and stately homes grace this area, as well as some of the more popular churches including North Phoenix Baptist Church and the Valley Cathedral. Citrus trees are abundant in the lush landscaped greenery--pass in the evening when the citrus is blooming, take a deep breath and experience one of nature's most glorious perfumes.