Milwaukee - Northwest Suburbs, WI

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Studio Available upon request  
1 Bedroom Rate $86.97/day
2 Bedroom Rate $94.97/day
3 Bedroom Available upon request  
4 Bedroom Available upon request  
5 Bedroom Available upon request  
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1 St. James Place 2 Arbor Ridge Apartments
St. James Place Arbor Ridge Apartments
1 BR Rate $86.97/day(USD)
2 BR Rate $94.97/day(USD)
1 BR Rate $86.97/day(USD)
2 BR Rate $94.97/day(USD)

About the area:

Northwest Milwaukee encompasses the villages of Brown Deer and Wauwatosa.

Brown Deer, according to one of its village fathers, was settled first by the Yankees, then the Irish and then the Germans. The Yankees were Easterners who moved into the territories in search of farm lands. The mouth of the Milwaukee River and lands north suited the agricultural needs of the early settlers. A fertile and well-wooded land, it beckoned to men eager to draw homes and crops from the earth. The nearby and growing city of Milwaukee promised to provide a market for farm and dairy products, as well as wood and lumber.

A vibrant, forward-looking suburban city with a charming and historic village area at its heart, Wauwatosa offers friendly, tree-lined neighborhoods; a respected school system and local government; and many fine restaurants, hotels, and thriving businesses. It is the site of a major regional medical center, a premier regional mall, and an expanding technology and research park. Its convenience to the Milwaukee metropolitan area brings easy access to major league sports, a nationally recognized zoo, and an abundance of cultural and social activities.