Business travelers extending trips into vacations

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Business travelers extending trips into vacations

The nature of business travel has changed considerably in recent years. While past trips may have only lasted long enough to allow travelers to take care of their business obligations, today they are more likely to extend their trips by turning them into vacations. A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive found that 44 percent of Indian business travelers say they transition from business to leisure travel in the same trip.

To assess the habits of business travelers, researchers polled more than 300 participants. The survey revealed that 44 percent take at least five trips a year, but it also shed some light on how they're changing the face of business travel. In addition to extending them into lengthy stays, 42 percent said they had a family member join them.

"Though during the slowdown business travel was hit, it is slowly picking up," an industry insider told DNA India. "Those at the senior level go for minimum four to five international conferences or meetings."

Business travelers considering extending their trip should think about also staying in serviced apartments. Typically larger than traditional hotel rooms, serviced apartments are also ideal for longer stays because they provide numerous amenities such as a fully furnished kitchen.