Business travelers should be aware of alternate routes

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Business travelers should be aware of alternate routes

Accidents happen, but business travelers may not be as forgiving if a flight delay or a train derailment means they will miss an important meeting or conference. While it is not always possible, these individuals should be aware of alternate ways of getting to their destination to ensure that the serviced apartments waiting for them do not stay empty for too long.

Nowhere was the need to find alternate routes more apparent than in Connecticut these past few days, thanks to a train crash that caused several days worth of travel headaches.

Commuter chaos
This past Friday, May 17, two commuter trains collided outside Bridgeport, Conn. According to the Los Angeles Times, a train on its way to New Haven from Grand Central Terminal in New York went off its tracks and hit another commuter train that was coming from New Haven. Although no lives were lost, many of the trains' passengers were injured.

It should come as no surprise that the site of the crash was a mess, with about 2,000 feet of track in need of serious repair. This prompted the temporary shutdown of the Metro-North Railroad line, which, in turn, left more than a few commuters without their usual mode of transportation.

On a daily basis, more than 30,000 people ride the trains that travel down the Metro-North Railroad, according to CNN. While rail service will resume on Wednesday, May 22, recent days have not been fun for commuters looking to get to work.

To ease the burden on travelers in the New England region, Peter Pan Bus Lines added more than 75 buses along its Boston-New York route, The Boston Globe reported. Megabus also made more vehicles available to handle the 2,500 extra travelers who needed transportation options following the train crash.

Know those routes
When business travelers need to get from the U.S. to a country like England, they do not have many options. However, if they need to get from Connecticut to Massachusetts or New York, there are significantly more solutions to their travel dilemmas.

Travelers never know when their plans will be flipped upside down, so it is a good idea for them to know where they can catch a plane, train or bus to their destination. Taking a taxi to another city may not be the most affordable option, but renting a car could be an option.

The important thing is for professionals to know that getting to that important meeting does not have to be impossible.