Clean and Cool Mission 2012 demonstrates importance of business travel

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Clean and Cool Mission 2012 demonstrates importance of business travel

The Clean and Cool Mission 2012, which is composed of 16 of the United Kingdom's cleantech companies, recently sent representatives to the City by the Bay for the Cleantech Forum San Francisco Event, which allowed these cleantech companies to showcase their innovations.

The purpose of the trip was to increase traffic in the cleantech market for these UK-based businesses, which used the forum to show off their new technology, services, or business models that address environmental, energy and resource challenges.

"What we're trying to do with this mission is help companies that are ready to expand their operations in growing areas of clean technology, by going where the action is in Silicon Valley," said Richard Miller, head of sustainability for the Technology Strategy Board.

The best option for companies attending events such as the San Francisco conference is to stay in corporate suites, which are tailor-made for business travelers who will be in a certain location for a matter of weeks. These comfortable accommodations will allow business travelers to recharge and prepare, enabling them to make the most of the important opportunities they have traveled to take advantage of. In the case of cleantech, there were plentiful opportunities at the recent conference.  

"A lot of the money being invested in clean technology around the globe is coming from California and by taking people here they have a chance to pitch to investors, meet business partners and customers and find out the characteristics of the market," said Miller.

A few of the companies that made the trip to San Francisco for the Clean and Cool Mission 2012 were Aeristech, Cella Energy, EnergyDeck, Green Structures, Highview Power Storage and Oxford Photovoltaics.

The companies involved in the Clean and Cool Mission 2012 hope to be able to spread the word about their technology by traveling to networking events to improve the cleantech market in the UK, and the recent trade mission was organized by the Technology Strategy Board, UKTI, The Co-Sponsorship Agency and The Long Run Venture, as well as other private sector sponsors. 

By setting up meetings with with different investors through networking events, members of the Mission believe they are able to tie up financing for future cleantech projects. In the past, alumni of the Mission have brought in more than $180 million, and others have created subsidiary businesses in the United States.