Know when to check a bag or to carry-on

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Know when to check a bag or to carry-on

Many businesses travelers want their trips to go off without a hitch, and one thing that can serve as a roadblock is figuring out whether they want to check their bags. In a recent article for NewsCore, business travelers can learn more about when they should check their bags or opt for a carry-on.

Keep a carry-on

Some travel experts believe corporate travelers should never check bags because it can create too many complications during travel. When using carry-on luggage, however, it is important to make sure the bag meets the regulations set by the Transportation Security Administration and will fit in overhead storage compartments, said the news source.  

"When it comes to business travel, time is money and you are losing money when standing in line dealing with baggage," Chris McGinnis, business travel expert for a travel company, told the news source. He also said business travelers should pack outfits they can wear a number of times on their trips, and use services at their living accommodations to wash them. 

Another benefit of using carry-on luggage is that it gives business travelers access to all of their possessions while on their flight. According to the news source, business travelers often need to look at work material while on flights. Carrying these items on board can help them get a head start on work during their trip.

Check a bag, or two

While carrying on luggage allows business travelers to save time at the airport and have mid-air access to all their stuff, checking bags also poses benefits for road warriors, reported the news source.

Checking bags gives travelers the opportunity to bring more on their trips, which is especially beneficial to those heading out of town for a longer time. Many business travelers need to bring a number of suits and other business apparel on their trips, and a carry-on bag simply cannot hold everything that is needed.

Another good reason corporate travelers should check their bags is because it puts baggage in the hands of the airline, said the news source. Getting baggage out of the way allows business travelers to navigate freely in the airport without having to worry about their luggage.

Checking a bag or carrying on luggage is a matter of preference for many business travelers, however they all need a place to keep their bags when arriving at their destination. By booking corporate suites, business travelers will be assured a comfortable place to stay while on the road.