Technology helps executives keep their fingers on the pulse

Monday, January 21, 2013

Technology helps executives keep their fingers on the pulse

When executives are on the road, they cannot afford to waste time -even an hour. Remaining productive while on the road is a primary concern for many frequent business travelers, and fortunately, in today's digital age, there are many hardware and software products that enable them to do so. Whether they are waiting for a connecting flight or spending time relaxing in serviced apartments, busy executives need to stay connected if they are to perform effectively.

The right tool for the job
While the prevalence of mobile hardware is a blessing for many travelers, it can also prove to be a considerable challenge for some executives. The sheer number of products on the market can prove daunting to early adopters of mobile technology. Fortunately, Laptop magazine recently highlighted some of the best hardware for business travelers.

The news source named the AT&T Liberate mobile hotspot as its must-have gadget for business travelers. The ability to remain in constant contact with corporate offices around the world is a necessity for many executives, and the Liberate offers long battery life, an intuitive touch screen interface and unlimited 3G downloads globally for just $14.95 per day - perfect for sending and receiving large documents or using video conferencing technology.

There are few things more frustrating to business travelers than running out of power. To this end, Laptop magazine recommended the Energizer XP 18000 portable battery charger. This external battery unit can power laptops, smartphones, tablet computers and even cameras with an additional 18,000 milliamp hours of power. For executives who need to stay on top of their game, this kind of external power supply could be an invaluable asset, especially for travelers journeying to international destinations on long-haul flights.

The changing face of business travel
Many executives choose to fly first- or business-class when venturing overseas. While the luxuries offered by business-class travel were once seen as a sanctuary from the relentless barrage of emails, instant messages and other communications, today, many executives do not have the luxury of unplugging for a few hours. According to a recent survey conducted by Business Travel News, remaining connected and staying productive were at the top of many business travelers' list of priorities.

In fact, many organizations work closely with executives to ensure they have the tools they need in order to work effectively at any stage of their trip. Approximately 43 percent of respondents to the survey indicated the travel department of their organization made specific recommendations for travel apps, mobile software and other tools to enable executives to remain productive while on the road.In fact, 71 percent of participants said that frequent business travel had a positive effect on overall productivity.

"Travelers need to focus on being productive," Vince Lebunetel, head of Carlson Wagonlit Travel's Solutions Group for Europe, told the news source. "Their companies are not paying them to travel."

While Lebunetel's assertions are certainly true, it can pay for business travelers to make smart decisions about where to stay in order to remain productive and have an enjoyable trip. The rising cost and occupancy rates of corporate suites at chain hotels have meant that increasing numbers of business travelers are choosing corporate apartments and corporate furnished apartments over traditional hotel suites in an attempt to save money without compromising on quality. These corporate lodging options offer executives the level of service they expect at prices that will make even the most demanding travel manager happy.

Working hard pays off, but so does achieving a balance between work and life. For savvy executives, serviced apartments could provide the best of both worlds.