Travel budgeting made easy with Rocketrip

Monday, November 25, 2013

Travel budgeting made easy with Rocketrip

Traveling for business is a typical practice among enterprises, large and small. Although it's typical of employees to make the most out of their extended stays, enjoying the amenities provided by corporate housing and a fresh change of pace, corporations do not have to spend inordinate amounts of money to ensure a successful trip. 

Using applications for smart traveling
According to Skift, Rocketrip endeavors to take some of the financial burdens off companies that routinely send employees away. Although businesses provide individuals with a corporate budget, there are often expenses that go beyond the parameters of the forecasted allotment of money. Travelers are prone to indulging themselves in local amenities, and while this may induce higher productivity rates, organizations almost inevitably have to pay for the difference. 

With Rocketrip, however, corporate travelers are given incentives for remaining within the limits of their assigned budgets. The source reported that as a business trip is being planned, the application will help employees determine the best prices for lodgings and airfare. By lowering the cost of the overall budget, travelers are awarded with a fraction of the savings in the form of redeemable points. 

Employers are not only capable of saving on the cost of the trip, but they're able to provide their travelers with more flexibility during the planning process. Rather than moving blindly through the trip outline, employees will play an integral role in determining how their time will be spent. 

Rocketrip makes managing trip budgets easier
Eat Drink Explore noted that a culture of flexible tax write-offs during corporate travel is becoming vogue among young businesspeople. Rather than fighting the growth of this practice, employers can instead utilize the above-mentioned strategy to encourage smart spending. By incentivizing their employees with immediate rewards, they should feel less inclined to take advantage of corporate expense accounts. 

According to Skift, the application often works best for businesses that practice strict budget management because it also helps travelers with trip accounting. Taking care of tax write-offs is an important aspect of every corporate journey, and by providing employees with a tool that will simplify the process, decision-makers can rest easier knowing that their travel budgets are in safe hands. 

As enterprises send their staff away on business, they should consider providing them with the above-mentioned solution to enable better budget accuracy.