Travelers should prepare for a hectic summer season

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Travelers should prepare for a hectic summer season

Business travelers who are in and out of airports throughout the year may soon notice more passengers and flight delays, according to The Wall Street Journal. Not only is summer coming, but some of the largest crowds since 2008 are expected as well. What this means for traveling executives is getting to their serviced apartments may take longer than professionals would prefer in the months ahead.

While summer tends to be a busy travel season, this year could be extra taxing for airline passengers due to the federal government's sequestration budget cuts. With fewer individuals working at airports, already complicated processes, such as security screening, could become even more complex. Whether travelers are flying for business or pleasure, they are advised to arrive at the airport extra early.

The results of a recent TripAdvisor survey revealed that 86 percent of travelers plan to take a leisure trip this summer. As this figure is so high, frequent business travelers should be prepared to navigate crowds of airline passengers who are not as familiar with the flying routine as they are. Patience could be the key to surviving the summer.