TSA's expansion of PreCheck program irks some frequent fliers

Thursday, October 31, 2013

TSA's expansion of PreCheck program irks some frequent fliers

Airport security checks are among the most troublesome aspects of flying, but for frequent travelers, the TSA's PreCheck helped to significantly reduce the length of these necessary lines. However, the administration recently announce an effort to expand the initiative, which might make the PreCheck lines significantly longer, much to the chagrin of frequent fliers, NBC News reported. 

Before the expansion, the program was available at 40 airports across the country, but now travelers can find these pre-screening lines at 60. Some travelers have noticed that in just the two months since the announcement, the lines at the pre-screening checkpoints are just as long as the traditional ones. 

"The ranks of eligible travelers have swollen to include many who don't even know what TSA PreCheck access entitles them to," Brian Kelly, founder of, told the news source. "It's another example of a government program bloating beyond its means and becoming the victim of its own success."

In order to participate in the PreCheck program, travelers have to be frequent fliers for certain airlines, and at certain airports. Once they are members, they see some changes to the screening process. For instance, they not longer have to take off their shoes, remove their laptop from their bags or take off their belts, according to the TSA.