Add some leisure time to business travel

Monday, September 16, 2013

Add some leisure time to business travel

Anybody who has to travel frequently for work may get tired of the grind. Although they get to see new cities with some regularity, it can be difficult to resist the urge to add some leisure time to their professional obligations. Still, while it may seem difficult to add some personal experiences to a trip taken purely for business reasons, there are some small changes you can make that will allow you to make your time spent traveling for business a bit more enjoyable, The Holland Sentinel reported.

Avoid the tourist traps
Each city has its own large tourist draws, and while they are certainly popular destinations for a reason, if you're pressed for time, it may be better to get a taste of the city's local culture and seek out some of its hidden gems. It may seem hard to find destinations that are off the beaten path, but they are certainly there, especially in Europe. In Paris, for instance, the beautiful Parc Monceau can sometimes be overlooked, but with its beautiful scenery and impressive sculptures, it shouldn't be missed. 

Bring a loved one
Experts have found that one of the most common ways for business travelers to turn their professional trip into a more leisurely excursion is to bring along a spouse or significant other. In fact, a recent survey from the National Business Travel Association found that about half of travelers expect to bring a loved one with them on their next trip. While it may seem small, having the ability to try out a local restaurant with your husband or wife can add a leisurely element to even the most business-minded venture. 

Leisurely lodging
How much you enjoy a business trip not only has a lot to do with your itinerary, but also where you're staying for the duration of your time there. While a luxurious hotel may seem like the best bet, corporate housing or serviced apartments can make you feel right at home despite being thousands of miles away. With features such as furnished kitchens, greater space and more privacy, they are perfect if you're looking to add a sense of comfort to your extended business trip, and will add a touch of personality to your professional stay.