Keeping travel costs low by preparing early

Friday, November 8, 2013

Keeping travel costs low by preparing early

As individuals prepare for their next trips abroad, it's important that expenses are planned ahead of time. Despite advances in technology that are enabling businesses to streamline processes related to booking flights and negotiating corporate housing rates, it's still difficult to account for the inordinate costs of in-flight amenities and unexpected data fees. 

Things to think about when considering a trip abroad
Although airlines are typically accommodating of last-minute planning, The Huffington Post reported that rushing through trip arrangements can make the experience more expensive than it should be. Businesses that are sending employees abroad should account for the extra luxuries that are available during lengthy flights, such as alcohol and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

Additionally, visas will be required for individuals who are not citizens of the destination countries. According to the source, the amount charged for these added fees changes from one nation to another, so it's important that decision-makers are bearing these costs in mind. Researching these rates is as simple as spending a few minutes looking for the average rates per flier on the country's corresponding consulate website.

For travelers who are anticipating long trips that will require serviced apartments and a fair amount of luggage, some attention should be paid to how much each airline will charge in baggage fees, as well. According to the source, there is some variety in weight and amount, and the algorithms that result in the final costs. In lieu of forfeiting a few favorite articles of clothing, travelers should spend some time looking up what it will cost them to bring along that extra pair of slacks and factor that into the list of expenses. 

Keeping up with roaming charges
Macworld reported that one of the easiest ways to save when traveling abroad is to prepare for data roaming charges ahead of time. Most providers are capable of shutting down data features altogether by turning off certain settings, but for individuals who cannot go without complete access to their smartphones, the source suggested looking into international plans before takeoff. In addition to this, prepaid SIM cards, which let individuals connect to local data networks, are also inexpensive options for avoiding roaming charges. 

To make the most out of a lengthy business trip, travelers should work with their companies to determine how to keep expenses down. By considering the above-mentioned strategies, long-term stays abroad will be cost-effective and stress free.