Making the most of the holiday season with smart traveling plans

Friday, November 1, 2013

Making the most of the holiday season with smart traveling plans

As the holiday season approaches, casual fliers and businesspeople alike are preparing to book their flights. Although usually an enjoyable time of the year, the stress of having to coordinate complex travel plans can weigh on individuals.

According to Fox News, there are a few simple strategies that can help fliers avoid some of the worst case scenarios involved with holiday travel this season. 

  • High - and unexpected - costs of in-flight luxury. It's customary that food and drink are provided to passengers aboard long flights, but in some instances, individuals are paying extra for these features without realizing it. The news source noted that airport food in particular is not worth the additional expenditure when carry-on snacks will do the trick. Protein bars, fruits and veggies are options that will make for a healthy - and less expensive - trip. 
  • The soaring rates of airplane entertainment. Advances in mobile device technologies have made downloading and playing movies much simpler. Although most airlines are beginning to offer in-flight Wi-Fi, it usually comes at a price that can be avoided if passengers bring along their own methods of entertainment. In addition to the plane ride, exploring new locales can also be expensive. Travelers should consider bringing along their favorite book or movies to make their stays in serviced apartments fun and less costly. 
  • Traveling international doesn't need to be expensive. According to the source, a few airlines, such as Delta, tend to extend the rate of international flights by up to $450. Including exit fees for arriving back into the U.S., these costly fares can make holiday traveling more stressful than it's worth. It's possible to avoid some of these fees, however. Fox News noted that some credit cards will not charge for international travel, so fliers should make sure they're using the best purchasing options ahead of time.
  • Consider making use of credit card points. According to Forbes, credit cards sometimes provide frequent travelers with a program that can help take care of some of the costs associated with booking flights. Frequent flyer miles are a great way to cut back on spending in order to enjoy the holiday season to its fullest.

Although traveling comes with expenses that can prevent individuals from making the most of their vacations, the above strategies are helpful ways to minimize these concerns and allow for a better holiday experience.