Navigate London off the beaten path

Friday, March 23, 2012

Navigate London off the beaten path

Craig Taylor, author of "Londoners," recently provided USA Today with some of the top activities travelers can take part in throughout the city.

Taylor recommended the British Museum, which features a number of exhibits that can tickle the fancy of many travelers, while right around the corner they can visit Judd Books, a specialized bookstore.

"I can't stress how cool it is to cut through there and stand in front of some of the best exhibits in the Western world," Taylor told the news source.

Taking a stroll from the Windsor Castle pub, which celebrates centuries of British government, to Patogh, a Iranian restaurant in the heart of a Middle Eastern neighborhood, then shifting to Hampstead Heath, the park Taylor calls the best park in the world, travelers can find a wide range of adventures.

Travelers interested in English football can walk down to Emirates Stadium to possibly catch an Arsenal Football Club match, but if the team isn't playing, travelers can stop in the Coronet pub to have a pint and talk sports with the locals. Taylor said there always is much singing at the pub.

A long day of pubs and adventure-seeking would be enough to tire out any traveler, so it is important travelers have a comfortable place to rest up for the next day, which is why furnished extended stay apartments are always a good option.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, young travelers may especially enjoy traveling to London due to a lack of a language barrier, numerous museums, easy-to-use public transportation and overall friendly locals.

The newspaper said families traveling to London will often face challenges due to the size of the city, but they will always have something fun to do that will keep the whole family engaged, ranging from guided tours to watching the Changing of the Guard outside Buckingham Palace.

Families also have the opportunity to look at the London skyline  from the London Eye, which is a 443-foot high observation wheel built for the city's millennium activities, said the paper.