Relieving wedding stress with assisted travel planning

Friday, November 22, 2013

Relieving wedding stress with assisted travel planning

Newlyweds and honeymooners have endless options for their destination getaway, but narrowing down the choices can be a challenging task. Choosing a location based on budgetary restrictions, for example, can leave individuals feeling limited to a small pool of options. As public-facing services are optimized by the Internet, however, it's becoming easier for couples to find the perfect match for the wedding of their dreams.

Supporting the wedding market with traveling 
Travel Agent Central reported that an organization dedicated to meeting the expectations of the soon-to-be-married has created a service that will help agencies secure the necessary amenities, rather than adding another layer of stress to the couple's to-do list. 

Travel Leaders, a company whose talented staff ranges the spectrum of wedding know-how, uses its expansive list of contacts and array of industry-related expertise to custom build memorable honeymoon vacations. According to the source, this company has recently joined forces with other field-related agencies to help couples transform their big day with exotic locations.

By establishing a symbiotic relationship within the market, travel agencies and wedding planners are working together to bring their clients' dreams to life.

"One of the things the team had noticed in talking to agents is the growth of destination weddings and in working with our destinations, we determined there is a natural need to put together a defined program that will help agencies expand in this marketplace,"  Roger E. Block, president of Travel Leaders, told the news provider. 

Finding the right amenities
The agency will consider the requirements of its clients and provide recommendations based on their ideas. According to Business Traveler News, Travel Leaders focuses primarily on locating unexpected locales, such as serviced apartments and resorts, for its clients. Hotel adoption, especially, has become a rising commodity in this business sector as opportunities for expansion increase.

In the wedding industry, couples are typically looking for privacy. With Travel Leaders' new program, newlyweds can broaden their expectations for the right location with new, exotic sights, the best locations and attention to detail from experienced trip planners. 

Rather than allowing the stress of the occasion to ruin the fun, couples should consider welcoming a break from the chaos by considering travel strategies like ones listed above for their special day.