Summer travel season is almost here

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer travel season is almost here

With summer quickly approaching, travelers are working on getting their travel plans in order to enjoy the nice weather. A recent survey by a leader in the travel industry gauged the thoughts of many travelers throughout the world, assessing what they value most when booking summer trips.

Travelers taking longer trips, seek relaxation

According to the survey, 73 percent of travelers in the United States are planning trips of three to seven days, while 70 percent of travelers from the United Kingdom are planning trips of the same length. Twenty-five percent of U.K. travelers are planning to take trips of at least two weeks and Chinese travelers have been found to be taking the shortest trips. While vacationers from different location throughout the world are taking trips of varying lengths, 56 percent of survey respondents said they are seeking relaxation while going away.

Families planning summer getaways

When the kids are out of school and work schedules tend to clear up, summer is the perfect time for families to bond on vacation. The survey found 59 percent of all travelers are booking trips with their families. Many travelers have yet to start a family and are using the summer as an opportunity to get away with their significant others. According to the survey, 23 percent of summer travel will be with a significant other.

Ready for the beach

Travelers from all nations who participated in the survey plan to go to a beach this summer. Twenty-nine percent of all Americans are planning trips to a beach, while 41 percent of those traveling from the U.K. heading to a sandy locale.

While travelers are looking to vacation for many reasons this summer, they need to plan for a comfortable place to stay. Short term rental apartments could be just what they are looking for because they offer spacious accommodations equipped with a full kitchen, a washing machine and a dryer. 

Despite the wants of most summer travelers, it is rare for travel plans to go off without a hitch. A recent article for Fox Business discusses how crowded flights can cause problems for many summer travelers. 

The news source said filled flights can cause potential issues such as delays on certain connecting flights and fewer upgrades at the gate.