Travelers can keep dining costs low this spring break

Friday, March 8, 2013

Travelers can keep dining costs low this spring break

When people take a spring vacation, they have a lot of reasons to be happy. For instance, time off from their regular routine provides them with a chance to indulge in new cuisine. However, while eating out every day can be fun, those restaurant bills tend to add up quickly. With little money left in their travel budget, individuals may have to spend the rest of their trip inside their serviced apartments, wishing they had made better spending decisions.

To prevent travelers from getting to this point over spring break, and's Anne Taylor Hartzell recently provided a few tips in a press release for those who want to eat out without breaking the bank.

One thing travelers may want to do is strike up a conversation with a few residents in the area they are staying in and see what they recommend for restaurants. Hungry visitors may learn about a spot that serves tasty food at much lower costs than a nearby tourist trap.

Planning ahead may also help. Travelers can research the restaurants at their destination before their trip and decide which ones are worth a visit and which should be avoided. This could prevent individuals from purchasing any meals that cost a lot, but leave them craving something else.

Of course, if travelers really want to save money, they can always make a run to a local grocery store and whip up a few meals back at their furnished apartments.