Traveling for work should include pleasure, too

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Traveling for work should include pleasure, too

Traveling for business, regardless of the destination, requires focus, expense planning and an awareness of the mission objectives. For long-term trips, it's also important that individuals are venturing away from the corporate apartments for a little exposure to the new locale. 

The necessary evils of travel accounting
According to Eat Drink Explore, keeping track of expenditures is part of the corporate traveling experience. Whether for business or pleasure, and to remain comfortably within the letter of the law, tax write-offs are a necessary aspect of company-sponsored journeys. Therefore, rather than waiting until the very end of the trip to finish the necessary accounting, the source noted that individuals should endeavor to keep track of expenses as they happen.

Not all business trips are created equal. For most corporate travelers, the experience of visiting a foreign destination is enough to satisfy their curiosity. For others, a mixture of business and luxury are essential to providing optimal results. Whatever the case may be, Eat Drink Explore reported that there are convenient ways to track costs available on personal mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. 

Expensify, for example, is a point-and-shoot picture-enabled application that adds the balance of any receipt to a spreadsheet. Credit card transactions and email receipts are easily handled with this solution, as well. In addition to recordkeeping, savvy individuals can utilize mobile technology to learn more about their surroundings.

Meeting people is easier with enhanced mobility
Although serviced apartments are typically built for comfort, The Next Web reported that travelers can now easily leave their lodgings to interact with similarly cooped-up people nearby. Bizpora, an application that enables like-minded business representatives to meet one another, can be downloaded onto any Internet-optimized device that also supports GPS technologies. Although billed as a networking feature, the news provider noted that it can be used to establish meaningful connections during those long hours of downtime between meetings. 

Additionally, the source noted that Bizpora can be used preemptively by seeing who else is planning trips to the same city. By knowing ahead of time when people are leaving the city, it will also be easier to bid newfound connections farewell - and to make sure that the experience wasn't for naught. 

Although business trips are meant to provide companies with valuable insight and to spread corporate visibility, travelers shouldn't forget that their personal time is also important. As long as any additional expenses are accounted for, a little play time is often overlooked.