Making corporate housing feel like home

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Making corporate housing feel like home

Extended business trips can certainly be stressful. Not only are travelers coping with the day-to-day pressure of their jobs, but being away from friends and family in a foreign environment can certainly present its fair share of challenges. Though it's not easy, lengthy stays can be made better by staying in corporate housing rather than hotels. Still, there are some steps travelers should take to make their temporary housing feel more like their residence back home.

Unlike spending a few nights in a hotel, where guests may be more likely to live out of their suitcase and never fully get settled, those staying at corporate housing would be wise to take some time and get organized upon their arrival. This process does not have to be overly complicated, even something as simple as completely unpacking and stowing away the suitcase can make a temporary arrangement feel more comfortable. Experts also recommend taking a look at the other furnishing, such as the kitchen, where guests can arrange everything so it looks just like what they expect at home. 

Make the most of it
One of the biggest differences between corporate housing and traditional hotels is that they provide travelers with a much larger number of amenities, and the kitchen is among the most significant. Travelers staying at corporate housing should make a point to take advantage of their kitchen and cook for themselves whenever the opportunity presents itself. After all, they could have just ordered take out each night from a hotel. Not only that, but cooking for oneself will save money and create a sense of home even though guests may be thousands of miles away from a kitchen they are more familiar with.

While corporate housing guests certainly can't take it upon themselves to paint their residence a new color, there's nothing that says they can't add some personal touches to bring a little bit of home with them wherever they may find themselves. There are a number of options to choose from, whether it be just a picture of family on the nightstand or full-fledged art prints they brought with them from home. Other travelers recommend bringing plants to create a unique and welcoming atmosphere. 

Importance of smell
Decorations are not the only sense of familiarity that travelers can bring with them once they move into their corporate housing or serviced apartments, they should also think about bringing their favorite fragrance with them. They can do this in a wide variety of ways, ranging from candles and air fresheners to potpourri and flowers. As long as it's a smell that they can instantly recognize as "home," it may alleviate some of the stress of traveling far from their house. 

Sheets and more
It can be easy to overlook the importance of good sheets and linens, but their role becomes increasingly apparent once someone spends a night lying on low quality sheets in a hotel. It's certainly not necessary to go out and purchase new sheets, but travelers may want to consider bring their own if they are going to staying in corporate housing for a longer period of time. This thought process extends to many other aspects of the stay, whether it be towels, pillows, blankets or couch covers. If travelers are going to be staying in the apartment for an extended period, shouldn't they be comfortable?