Many British expatriates exploring a future in France

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Many British expatriates exploring a future in France

Many people choose to live and work overseas. Some individuals work on a contractual basis for several years, while others undertake short-term assignments abroad in the hopes of improving their employment prospects. Many expatriates choose to live in temporary housing or short term rental apartments upon arriving in a new country, as they are affordable, convenient and comfortable. Demand for this type of temporary lodging in France could increase in their near future, as the country is proving popular with British expats.

Quality of life
According to The Connexion, expats living in France are among the happiest in the world. The news source reports that, according to a recent survey by Lloyds TSB International, the majority of British expats living in France were content with their quality of life compared to their experiences in the U.K. Lingering economic uncertainties and a challenging housing market may be among the reasons that so many Britons are looking to France as a viable alternative.

Lloyds TSB surveyed almost 1,700 expats living in various countries around the world. Almost 80 percent of respondents indicated they had no plans to return to the U.K. at all, and nine out of 10 expatriates living in Australia said they planned to do so indefinitely. While the economic situation in the U.K. is a major reason that many people are turning their backs on the country, improving their overall quality of life seems to be the predominant motivation for most expats.

"Availability of jobs and the cost of living certainly plays a role, but as our research shows, lifestyle factors can also be decisive in where people chose to live," said Richard Musty, director of Lloyds TSB, as quoted by the news source.

According to, a variety of other factors contributed to many people's decision to start a new life overseas. Unsustainable immigration policies, rising taxation, perceptions of governmental incompetence, the cost of living and the weather were all cited as reasons why Britons leave the U.K. and start over abroad.

Economic impact
Many countries see expats as a key driver of regional economies. Individuals choosing to live and work overseas are often professional people with stable careers, which can lead to economic growth. Dubai, one of the most popular regions in the world for expatriate workers, has seen significant improvements in many regional industries as a result of expats, particularly the automotive sector. According to The National, an influx of Arab expatriates into Dubai has pushed sales of cars in the region to record highs.

Ongoing political instability in countries such as Egypt and Syria is believed to be a major reason why so many Arabs are moving to Dubai. In addition, many of these individuals are wealthy, further improving vehicle sales and the local economy.

"There seems to be a lot of wealthy expats moving to Dubai from various nationalities who seem to like the Audi brand," said Trevor Hill, managing director of Audi Middle East, as quoted by the news source.

Ford is another major automotive manufacturer that has expanded its Middle Eastern operations in light of the continued economic stability observed throughout the region. Sales of Ford motor vehicles grew by 10 percent year-on-year during 2012, with 55 percent growth reported in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) alone. Audi also reported strong growth last year, with sales increasing by more than 16 percent.

The news source reports that high disposable incomes generated by generous government stimulus packages in the Gulf Cooperation Council is partially responsible for the increased interest in multiple car ownership in Dubai. These factors are expected to contribute to further sales growth in the UAE in coming years.