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BridgeStreet Worldwide Announces Annual BridgeCare Award Winner
Exceptional Customer Service Programs Are The Foundation to 'Making Corporate Housing Easy'
Tuesday, May 03, 2005
ARLINGTON, Va., May 3, 2005-BridgeStreet Worldwide, a leading international provider of corporate housing, today announced the winner of its 2004 BridgeCare Award, which recognizes those associates who best reflect the company's "Whatever It Takes," customer-focused operating philosophy. The quarterly finalists, known as BridgeStars, received prizes and company-wide recognition. In addition, each finalist had an actual star, selected from a consellation, named in his or her honor.

"The BridgeCare Awards have been a tremendous success in recognizing and rewarding our associates who go that 'extra mile' and create a lasting impression on our guests," said Lee Curtis, BridgeStreet president. "Thoughtfulness and caring are common threads in our associates' daily routine. Our organization is focused on making things easier for our guests and clients. The BridgeCare program is a critical component of delivering on that promise."

Grand-prize winner Sarah Harris, in BridgeStreet's Louisville office, brought unexpected joy during the Christmas holidays to a family staying at BridgeStreet whose home had been destroyed during a storm. She completely outfitted their apartment with Christmas decorations that she bought. She also purchased stockings for the whole family, which she filled with goodies and hung on the mantle, filled a jar with Christmas candies for the coffee table and set out a plate of holiday cookies. The guests were thrilled and very touched that someone had done something so thoughtful.

Harris was surprised by the prize patrol, led by President Lee Curtis, who presented her with balloons, an oversized check listing her prizes and an award plaque. The prize package included a free week's stay at any hotel managed by Interstate Hotels & Resorts, BridgeStreet's parent company, roundtrip airfare and a week's paid vacation. Additionally, a postcard describing Harris's BridgeCare story was mailed to every BridgeStreet employee.

"The award winner was selected from hundreds of BridgeCare nominations that were submitted throughout the year," Curtis noted. "With so many nominations, the competition was quite intense. Harris's outstanding performance had a profoundly positive effect on the lives of our guests. The BridgeCare program is a powerful tool for rewarding our associates in innovative ways that build a deeper culture of exceptional service for our guests."

BridgeStreet Worldwide, a subsidiary of Interstate Hotels & Resorts, is one of the world's largest Corporate Housing providers. BridgeStreet and its network of Global Partners offer more than 8,700 corporate apartments located in 91 MSAs throughout the United States and internationally. BridgeStreet properties meet uncompromising standards of quality, comfort and service. For more information about the company or to learn more about how BridgeStreet is Making Corporate Housing Easy, visit or call 1-800-BSTREE