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BridgeStreet Worldwide Announces Global Alliance Expansion
Corporate Housing Provider Evolves Innovative Partnership Alliance Encompassing the Global Housing Industry
Tuesday, June 26, 2007
HERNDON, VA, June 26, 2007 - BridgeStreet Worldwide, responding to changing client needs and the rapid globalization of the temporary housing industry has restructured its existing licensed partnership into a cohesive international alliance of high quality serviced apartment providers.

This network, known as the BridgeStreet Global Alliance is a conglomerate of like-minded corporate housing providers dedicated to high quality accommodations and services. The industry first alliance gives customers a comprehensive global housing solution, which delivers a consistent extended stay travel experience across the board.

"A pillar of BridgeStreet Worldwide's success is our dedication to superior services offered consistently across international borders to both clients and guests," said Lee Curtis, BridgeStreet Worldwide president and CEO. "By evolving the standards and participation levels of our Global Alliance program we further ensure our customers will receive reliable, high quality service wherever they are traveling - whether it be Dubai or Silicon Valley."

BridgeStreet Worldwide selectively recruits the highest quality local corporate housing providers throughout the world to participate in the Global Alliance. "We have assembled a team of industry experts that are placed strategically in key cities to assess client demand for specific locations and perform rigorous due diligence on potential global alliance members", reports Curtis. Members work through a stringent certification process, graduating to the status of Certified Partner.

The BridgeStreet Global Alliance is further stratified with the addition of the category of Premier Global Alliance Partner. This is the highest level of the Alliance and applies to providers who currently participate in the US-based Licensed Global Partner program. It is the goal of the BridgeStreet Global Alliance program to offer members the opportunity to join, gain membership benefits and evolve their businesses through the levels of the Alliance over time, through solid commitment and consistent delivery to superior customer service practices; thus, further formalizing and evolving the serviced apartments industry internationally.

"The Global Alliance participation levels are based on the longevity and strength of the partner's relationship with BridgeStreet Worldwide. Our long-term objective is to establish partner relationships that advance through the hierarchy of the Global Alliance, ultimately developing Premium partners throughout major metropolitan areas across the globe," said Curtis.

Multiple benefits are realized by both customers and alliance members through the Global Alliance program. Global Alliance customers receive a seamless process of reservations, billing and account management and are assured consistently high quality accommodations, service delivery and innovative processes they've come to expect from BridgeStreet. Alliance members benefit from shared operational knowledge, technology, shared buying power and training.

Redefining the BridgeStreet Global Alliance and committing additional resources to roll out the program along with developing new, supportive technology, BridgeStreet Worldwide is positioned to become the first-choice corporate housing provider for clients demanding quality accommodations and impeccable service at their choice of locations around the globe.

BridgeStreet Worldwide is a leading international provider of corporate housing. BridgeStreet and its Global Partner Alliance offer over 15,000 corporate apartments located throughout the United States and 50 cities internationally. An award winner both in the U.S. and Europe, BridgeStreet properties meet uncompromising standards of quality, comfort and service. For more information about the company or to learn more about how BridgeStreet is Making Corporate Housing Easy, visit or call 1-800-BSTREET.