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BridgeStreet Worldwide Announces New Global Account Services Division
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
HERNDON, VA – BridgeStreet® Worldwide, a leading global provider of corporate housing, today announced that it has consolidated its Global Account Management department, regional Solutions Centers and Supplier Management programs into a comprehensive Global Account Services division. The realignment of these departments results in improved delivery of client services through streamlined account management that works in conjunction with BridgeStreet's supplier management program to deliver an end to end client services solution.

"This consolidation reflects the changing dynamics of our clients, who require one corporate housing provider with the ability to handle the global reach of their organizations," stated Lee Curtis, president and CEO of BridgeStreet Worldwide. "Over the years, BridgeStreet has become the preeminent supplier manager of serviced apartments around the globe. This change ensures our accounts and our supply chain are fully integrated."

The newly formed Account Services division is led by Joan McCarthy-Mack, Senior Vice President of Global Account Services. Ms. McCarthy-Mack was instrumental in developing BridgeStreet's Supplier Management program and the tri-regional Global Solution Centers located in Washington DC, London and Singapore. Each center houses a team of account managers, reservationists and guest service coordinators that are available 24/7 to assist with housing needs. "These centers allow BridgeStreet to provide a true "follow the sun" service model, so that all requests are handled in real time," commented McCarthy-Mack.

"Dedicated, comprehensive account teams combined with centralized supplier management provide a seamless delivery of services to our clients," added Curtis. "BridgeStreet has developed cutting edge technology built specifically to link these disciplines together and now we have the proper team structure in place to meet the future growing global demand for serviced apartments. We are confident this restructuring will have positive results for our clients including quicker response times, cost savings and global data views."

BridgeStreet Worldwide is a leading international provider of corporate housing. BridgeStreet and its Global Alliance members offer over 15,000 corporate apartments located throughout the United States and 50 cities internationally. An award winner both in the Americas and Europe, BridgeStreet properties meet uncompromising standards of quality, comfort and service. For more information about the company or to learn more about how BridgeStreet is Making Corporate Housing Easy visit or call 1-800-BSTREET.