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BridgeStreet Takes Next Step in “Corporate Housing Made Easy” Mission
Unveils New Global Affinity Program to Augment Global Partners
Thursday, January 20, 2005
ARLINGTON, Va., January 20, 2004-BridgeStreet Worldwide, a leading international provider of corporate housing to business travelers, today took the next step in its "Corporate Housing Made Easy" mission with the unveiling of its new Global Affinity Program (GAP). The program will make it easier for corporate housing providers in smaller markets to service the outbound business their customers are seeking through a formal global referral network. The program differs from BridgeStreet's Licensed Global Partnership in that the GAP program will serve markets with populations of less than 500,000 people.

"Our goal is to attract the top operators in these smaller markets," said Lee Curtis, BridgeStreet president. "We have targeted 50 markets where, over the next three to five years, we would like to sign key members into the Global Affinity Program. These new partners will be committed to the same values, quality, and consistency measures that have become BridgeStreet hallmarks, as well as to the consistent delivery of superior customer service." Curtis noted that the new program allows members to grow their businesses by becoming a resource to their local customers for housing needs outside of their particular markets and by posting members' locations on BridgeStreet's Web site,, which enables them to receive inbound business generated by the growing BridgeStreet brand reach. "This program is ideal for those operators who are looking to economically deliver a comparable product, in terms of consistent service and quality, when serving their local accounts' outbound needs. The GAP program is off to a great start-BridgeStreet already has signed Apartments R Us in the Panhandle area of Florida, Corporate Quarters in Knoxville, Tenn., and Professional Property Management in Des Moines, Iowa, as GAP companies."

BridgeStreet Worldwide, a subsidiary of Interstate Hotels & Resorts (NYSE: IHR), is one of the world's largest corporate housing providers. BridgeStreet and its network of Global Partners offer more than 8,700 corporate apartments located in 91 MSAs throughout the United States and internationally. BridgeStreet properties meet uncompromising standards of quality, comfort and service.

For more information about joining BridgeStreet's network of dedicated companies, call Rob McDaniel at 703.387.3156, or contact the company via e-mail at To learn more about how BridgeStreet is Making Corporate Housing Easy, visit or call 1-800-BSTREET.