BridgeStreet Alliance

The BridgeStreet Alliance is a group of like-minded corporate housing and serviced apartment providers dedicated to high quality accommodations and service excellence, working collaboratively throughout the world.

Shared quality standards

Partners are committed to the same values, quality and consistency measures as well as guest satisfaction standards that are at the heart of BridgeStreet operations and success.

Collaborative development

Since inception, the Alliance has maintained an internal Advisory Board Committee of elected members who meet quarterly and report monthly on alliance-wide initiatives.

Consistent communication and training

The BridgeStreet Alliance provides a unique communications program that includes monthly performance reporting, industry/alliance newsletter, educational web-based portal, shared technology, ongoing training and professional development meetings/conferences.

Performance metrics

Accountability is paramount in providing clients with the maximum value for their temporary housing needs. BridgeStreet focuses on measurable performance indicators (KPIs/CTQs) for all BridgeStreet Alliance partners.

Interested in becoming part of the BridgeStreet Alliance? Contact us to begin the membership application process.