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Management Services

Property Management Services

BridgeStreet Global Hospitality is recognized as an industry leader in property management by owners and investors looking for alternative solutions to increase capital and enterprise values.

We are growing our inventory in both mature and emerging markets through a number of management models designed to be flexible to each owner and property.

  • Unrivaled management system designed by property and hospitality experts
  • Worldwide sales, marketing and account management teams connect your property to business from leading companies
  • Superior yield management to maximize your revenue
  • Proven systems to construct or convert your property with access to BridgeStreet's purchasing, design and specification expertise
  • Online business intelligence platform to access to your critical data, including reporting, budgeting and control procedures
  • Bespoke models to meet your specific needs with a variable length of term and owners break subject to performance

Contact us to learn more how BridgeStreet Global Hospitality can fully yield your real estate investment through our management expertise.