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Manchester Serviced Apartments


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1 The Atrium by BridgeStreet [details]
The Atrium by BridgeStreet
1 BR Available upon request
2 BR Available upon request
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Manchester serviced apartments

Known by many nicknames, including "Cottonopolis," "Madchester" and "Mancunia," the city of Manchester is one of the largest urban centers in the U.K. Manchester has a long history in the performing arts and boasts an economy that has evolved and diversified into one of the most vibrant in England. Visitors traveling to the city for business or pleasure will find BridgeStreet’s Manchester serviced apartments to be an ideal alternative to chain hotels.

A proud history

Like many cities in England, Manchester can trace its roots back to Roman times, when the settlement served as a vital center of commerce as well as a military stronghold. However, it wasn't until the turn of the 19th century that the Manchester of today truly began to take shape. Manchester's growth was fueled by explosive growth in the textile manufacturing industries during the Industrial Revolution, when it became the first industrialized city in the world. Although the mills that once ran with the lifeblood of industry have now become upscale lofts and workspaces, the city retains a sense of history that is unequaled in Northern England.

Today, Manchester's GDP is valued at more than $85 billion, making it one of the strongest in Europe. The city has a thriving financial services industry, and The Cooperative Group, the largest consumer-owned business in the world, maintains its headquarters in Manchester. Sporting goods manufacturer Adidas, pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca and telecom company Siemens also have substantial corporate presence in the city.

The home of culture

Of course, it is difficult to think about Manchester without mentioning the city's love of sports. World-renowned football club Manchester United is the city's best-known team, although long-time rivals Manchester City are also a favorite with many soccer fans. 

Numerous bands and performing artists have hailed from Manchester, including Joy Division, The Chemical Brothers, The Happy Mondays and The Smiths. For fans of classical music, the city's many fine performing arts venues such as the Manchester Opera House, Royal Exchange Theatre and Palace Theatre regularly host world-class performers and touring companies from across the globe.

The city's downtown district is where visitors will find many of the city's most popular attractions. For this reason, BridgeStreet’s Manchester serviced apartments, such as The Atrium, are perfect for guests who want to experience everything this thriving metropolis has to offer.

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