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1 The Clark Building [details] 2 526 Penn Avenue Apartments [details] 3 The Penn Garrison [details] 4 201 Stanwix [details] 5 Rivervue [details] 6 The Encore on 7th [details] 7 Stanwix Towers [details] 8 Washington Plaza [details] 9 Morgan at North Shore [details] 10 The Residences at South High [details] 11 The Cork Factory [details] 12 Grandview Pointe Apartments [details] 13 Lot 24 [details] 14 Heinz Lofts [details] 15 Carson Street Commons [details] 16 Portal Place [details] 17 Doughboy Square Apartments [details] 18 Hyland Hills Apartments [details] 19 Shadyside Commons [details] 20 The Gateway at Summerset [details]
The Clark Building 526 Penn Avenue Apartments The Penn Garrison 201 Stanwix Rivervue The Encore on 7th Stanwix Towers Washington Plaza Morgan at North Shore The Residences at South High The Cork Factory Grandview Pointe Apartments Lot 24 Heinz Lofts Carson Street Commons Portal Place Doughboy Square Apartments Hyland Hills Apartments Shadyside Commons The Gateway at Summerset
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Pittsburgh serviced apartments

Whether you plan on traveling to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for business or pleasure, Steel City has so much to offer. With a dynamic and diverse economy and a vibrant arts and cultural scene, Pittsburgh attracts thousands of visitors every year. BridgeStreet’s Pittsburgh serviced apartments are the ideal choice for business travelers and tourists alike, providing guests with the quality they would expect from a high-end boutique hotel with the comforts of home, right in the heart of the city.

The 'Golden Triangle'

Although formally known as the Central Business District, Pittsburgh's downtown area is often referred to as the "Golden Triangle." Many of BridgeStreet’s Pittsburgh serviced apartments are located within the Golden Triangle, and guests staying at these luxurious yet competitively priced apartment complexes are able to reach many of the city's major businesses and attractions, including Heinz Hall, home of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and the Western PA Sports Museum, which houses memorabilia from the city's iconic football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Of course, while Pittsburgh has much to be proud of nowadays, the city also played a crucial role in the history of the United States. Visitors staying at Pittsburgh serviced apartments can explore the fascinating history of the city at the Fort Pitt Museum, which features numerous exhibitions focusing on the pivotal events that took place here during the Revolutionary War and other historical conflicts.

A thriving technology scene

Pittsburgh is perhaps most famous for its history of industrial manufacturing, particularly steel production. Today, the city is home to many of the world's best-known technology companies. Google maintains a strong presence in Pittsburgh, as do Apple and the Intel Corporation. This demonstrates how Pittsburgh's economy is diversifying in the 21st century, supporting growing employment areas and strengthening its position as a technological hub in the Northeast.

Few cities have as unique an atmosphere as Pittsburgh. Our serviced apartments are an ideal choice for executives doing business in the city, or tourists who want to discover everything Pittsburgh has to offer. Ideal for short breaks or long stays, BridgeStreet’s Pittsburgh serviced apartments are the perfect alternative to the corporate suites offered at many chain hotels, and they allow guests to live like a local during their time in this historic and rapidly changing city.

Gramercy at Town Center
$119.99 1 bedroom Book now
$139.99 2 bedroom Book now
Columbia, MD
10601 Gramercy Place  [ details ]