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Every Stay Guaranteed

Project types

BridgeStreet Global Hospitality is always looking to new enterprising ideas that offer property owners and investors a different approach to the marketplace. Contact us to discuss opportunities for project development together.

Leased properties

leased properties

Our lease model provides owners with guaranteed income from a trusted and responsible tenant.

In addition, our housekeeping and maintenance infrastructure ensure the highest quality inventory and the long-term performance of the asset. BridgeStreet considers leasing properties that enhance our portfolio of inventory in established and emerging markets.

Mixed use

mixed use properties

Serviced apartments complement a range of mixed use developments including hotels, residential, commercial and retail spaces in vibrant urban centers and outlying metropolitan areas.

Our unique hospitality brand enhances the value of multi-use projects by providing an economic, stylish and operationally efficient product with the purpose of maximizing yield.



BridgeStreet undertakes consultancy assignments for property owners, serviced apartments operators, real estate developers and investors.

Our systematic approach to developing serviced apartments start with a strict selection of locations based on stringent criteria and progresses to furnishing and letting the property to the corporate market. Knowledge of the markets it penetrates along with management best practices have increased asset value and provided optimum profits for the portfolios BridgeStreet Global Hospitality manages.

Joint ventures

Joint Ventures

BridgeStreet Global Hospitality considers joint investment ventures with partners where we are able to use our market knowledge and design expertise to build superior inventory and expand our reach of purpose built and operated serviced apartments into key world markets.

If this is an option that you would like to explore, we would like to talk to you. BridgeStreet has a long history of global partnerships and we welcome the opportunity to discuss potential joint venture options.