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In today's interdependent global economy, project and consulting teamwork is the norm. BridgeStreet maintains a team of corporate housing professionals with over a decade of project development experience. We ensure there are no availability issues and deliver highly efficient cost savings while providing an appropriate fit accommodation, comparable to those of any extended stay hotel.

Affordable corporate housing expertise

Project housing expertise

Our global reservation specialists gather details and develop a plan that is right for your specific project. We have more than 30 years of experience providing housing for corporate projects - you can trust us to run the show.

Design, consultation and blueprint

Design, consultation and blueprint

Complete program implementation blueprint is created by BridgeStreet and agreed upon with your team. A customized extranet is designed and launched to facilitate and support all aspects of the program.

Location and accommodation choice

location and accommodation choice

Having options close to offices or project site is critical. Our Family of Brands give you a range of apartment choices to meet your budget and provide you with convenient and affordable corporate housing solution.

Providing comfort and convenience

comfort and convenience of a serviced apartment

Spacious, fully equipped apartments give guests the space to spread out and relax. Providing associates with a truly comfortable and welcoming experience allows them to settle into a more successful project.

Whatever the project cycle or destination management requirements – BridgeStreet looks forward assisting in a successful project assignment.

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