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Simply Green

Promoting and maintaining environmentally responsible practices is beneficial for everyone - our guests, employees and the communities in which we operate. At BridgeStreet, we take our commitment to the environment seriously and conduct our business in ways that demonstrate good stewardship of our world's natural resources. Our SimplyGreenSM program philosophy is to:

  • Raise awareness and motivate change in behavior
  • Take responsibility for our impact on the environment
  • Promote environmental best practices
  • Reduce environmental impact without compromising guest satisfaction

Environmental Sustainability in our Apartments

  • Use energy efficient / CFL bulbs
  • Encourage recycling
  • Provide friendly reminders to our guests to switch off lights and use appropriate temperature settings when they are not in the apartment.
  • Utilize equipment and appliances that use minimal energy and/or carry the Energy Star rating
  • Purchase furniture made of recyclable and renewable materials for our long-term leases
  • Use scrapped towels and linen for cleaning rags
  • Purchase Fair Trade products where possible
  • Donate housewares and furniture to local shelters or charitable organizations
SimplyGreen SimplyGreen

Creating a Green Fleet

Our SimplyGreen program will continue to reduce the environmental impact of our fleet by:

  • Reducing mileage and journeys
  • Switching over to more energy-efficient vehicles
  • Promoting fuel-efficient driving techniques
  • Reducing the overall carbon footprint of our vehicle fleet
SimplyGreen SimplyGreen

Using Environmentally Friendly Uniforms

Our uniform program features clothing created from recycled plastic bottles. Each suit worn by our concierge and front desk team members is produced using 25 plastic bottles that go through a 4-step process (flakes, pellets, fibre and yarn).

SimplyGreen SimplyGreen