Vacation and short term rentals

Before you book a traditional hotel for your next vacation or holiday, consider the countless advantages of short term, rentals from BridgeStreet Global Hospitality. Offering over 50,000 serviced apartments in 60 countries, BridgeStreet offers spacious accommodations in vacation hotspots across the globe. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown neighborhoods, along scenic landscapes, and everywhere in between, you'll find a short term rental perfect for you—whether you are embarking on a solo backpacking expedition or a family vacation.

More space and comfort than a hotel

BridgeStreet serviced apartments offer fully furnished apartments that are typically twice the size of extended stay hotels and at a lower cost. Explore the difference.

Serviced apartments allow travelers to feel like a local in cities all over the world. With locations featuring multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, complete kitchens, laundry facilities and home furnishings at rates that rival traditional and extended stay hotels in the same area, BridgeStreet's short term rentals are the ideal way to experience style and comfort while exploring all the sights and sounds of the surrounding destinations.

Featured destinations

With locations throughout the world, BridgeStreet provides vacation accommodations for almost any endeavor. Check out some of our featured United States short term rental locations:

Vacation and short term rental apartments

Ready to book your next holiday? Browse our locations and discover the endless benefits of short term rentals in cities across the world.