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Every Stay Guaranteed


Designed to take the worry out of apartment living, this optional plan provides guests with minimum liability protection that includes $100,000 per occurrence coverage for direct damage to the apartment caused by the legal liability of a guest.

• Fire, smoke, explosion, water overflow and water backup damage to the rented apartment and other affected apartments
• Additional living expense if the guest’s apartment is uninhabitable or unfit to live in
• $5,000 for guest’s or other tenants’ personal property included in per occurrence limit

Renter's Legal Liability provides potential secondary incidental property protection and additional liability protection to corporate client against unforeseen events.

Coverage Details

• Optional protection plan available to guests staying 21-days or more
• Begins at check-in and ends at check-out
• Underwritten by Lexington Insurance
• Claims are filed through your BridgeStreet representative
• Complete coverage for $1 per day

“Rental Guardian/Damage Waiver Program/Renter’s Legal Liability Protection Program. In the event that a client or guest participates in the Rental Guardian Group Damage Waiver Program and/or the Renter’s Legal Liability Protection Program, the client or guest hereby understands, acknowledges and agrees that BridgeStreet is not affiliated in any way with Rental Guardian, other than through the offer provided for herein and BridgeStreet does not recommend, endorse or promote any coverage, insurance or other services provided by Rental Guardian. In addition, BridgeStreet is the named insured and covered party under the Group Damage Waiver Program (“DWP Program”) and guest and/or the client, as applicable, is additionally covered by Extension of the Damage Waiver, for a fee paid by guest (and/or client, as applicable) to BridgeStreet, to include said guest and/or client under the DWP Program. BridgeStreet is also the named insured and covered party under the Group Renter’s Legal Liability Protection Program (“RLL Program”) and guest and/or client, as applicable, is covered by being named as Additionally Insured, for a fee paid by guest (and/or client, as applicable) to BridgeStreet, under the RLL Program. All coverage related inquiries, questions and service issues regarding either the DWP Program and the RLL Program or concerning the underlying policies must be directed to the respective carriers and not to BridgeStreet. The insurance products are not available in all states. Disclaimer A – (“Coverage is minimum, may not be sufficient”): The Renter’s Legal Liability protection policy meets BridgeStreet’s minimum requirements for its guests. BridgeStreet makes no representation that the coverage is sufficient to meet all of guest’s needs and guest is advised to consult a qualified licensed insurance professional for more information. Disclaimer B – (“If you opt out, you may not have sufficient coverage”): By opting out, guest waives all benefits and rights available through BridgeStreet’s Renter’s Legal Liability Program. By opting out, guest assumes responsibility for covering guest’s liability needs, and acknowledges that guest’s liability coverage plan may not meet all of his/her liability needs. Neither BridgeStreet and its affiliates nor Rental Guardian and its affiliates is liable for the inadequacy of guest’s coverage.”