Luxury is something everyone deserves from time to time. Such an indulgence can make a vacation a truly rejuvenating experience. 
One of the best ways to get the luxury of the rich and famous to fit into your budget can be yours through yacht charter companies. 
These companies specialize in creating custom sailing vacations that redefine travel.

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Why an apartment?

Before you book a traditional or extended stay hotel, consider the alternative. Serviced apartments from BridgeStreet offer all the amenities of hotels, but with the space, comfort and privacy of home. With savings that any informed traveler will appreciate, BridgeStreet serviced apartments offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional and extended stay hotel experience.

While traditional hotels offer certain perks such as front desk or room service, serviced apartments from BridgeStreet are fully furnished and are typically twice the size of extended stay hotels. Serviced apartments also include complete kitchens and onsite laundry facilities, and are typically located in the heart of a neighborhood within walking distance to shopping, entertainment and offices.

Serviced apartment advantages

Size: Serviced apartments are typically 700+ square feet - twice the size of typical extended stay hotels and nearly three times larger than traditional hotels.

Rooms: Serviced apartments consist of 3-5 rooms, including complete kitchens. Extended stay hotels are 1-2 rooms while traditional hotels generally offer 1 single room.

Price: Serviced apartments typically cost less than a traditional hotel. Additionally, indirect savings include money saved by cooking and doing laundry within the apartment.

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Serviced apartments as an alternative to hotels