Six Ways to Stay™

Extended Stay Hotels

The no-compromise option for 7+ night business travel stays.  
When you want a diverse choice of accommodations and amenities with uncompromised service, space, kitchen facilities and comfort, BridgeStreet is your global solution platform for your extended-stay travel needs.
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Brand Hotels

Shorter-term work travel assignments need never be short on style. 
Is it travel for work, or travel for leisure? Why not both? Experience the full-hospitality hotel experience in the world’s signature cities and neighborhoods, from independent boutique hotels to globally-recognized luxury brand names. 
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Furnished Homes

Now THIS is how to live like a LOCAL! 
In a new city or on another continent, what makes a house a home? Well, to start – a house! BridgeStreet’s quality-certified, fully-furnished homes provide true havens for the longest extended business travel assignments, and there’s no better way to discover if you and your family would like to relocate full-time to this new location. 
Furnished Homes

Vacation Rentals

Find an easy Bridge between extended-stay work time and refreshing holiday time.  
The best way to perform the highest-quality work, wherever you are, is to relax and recharge with the highest comfort. Beach and mountain resorts, global cultural centers, adventure travel destinations, or just a quiet spot where the world never knocks. Wherever you’re working, turn your attention to not working. 
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Serviced Apartments

The Bridge between independence and indulgence. 
Your own private sanctuary, no matter where business travel takes you. The location, culture and personality that truly makes it your own home away from home. Yet, with full cleaning, linen and laundry service, available concierge services, and 24/7 assistance just a click away. Your place in a new city, at your service.
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Design-led Hostels

There’s never been more for less. 
Forget what you ever knew – or thought you knew – about hostels.  This is a whole new world of affordable international living for short- and mid-term travel. For interns, small project teams, or even groups of friends exploring business opportunities abroad, book and bunk in style with BridgeStreet. 
Living by Bridgestreet