3 Reasons Beekman Tower is the Best Accommodation for Actors and Artists

Are you an artist looking for short-term housing in Turtle Bay? Beekman Tower offers the best in local accommodations for actors and artists.

Central Park, Beekman, New York

Hotel prices in New York City can be outlandish, astronomical, and often, just simply too expensive. Concerns regarding these steep prices can greatly affect the approach to short-term stays in the Big Apple. Fortunately, however, with BridgeStreet’s Beekman Tower location, professionals have the ability to stay in the city for extended periods of time at affordable rates and in an incredible, tucked-away location right in Midtown Manhattan. For actors and artists looking for the New York City experience without the hassle of staying in a hotel, Beekman Tower offers fully-furnished short-term housing in Turtle Bay for the ease of turning New York City into a home. But why is Beekman Tower the best accommodation for actors and artists?

  1. Beekman Tower is located in the United Nations neighborhood, just minutes from iconic global communications entities. This is an ideal location for creative minds like actors and artists to interact with great names and talents alike, and because this specific neighborhood caters to international and national personalities, Beekman Tower can often feel like a cultural hotspot. Presidents, global royalties, and cultural icons have all been known to stay in this quiet neighborhood, making this Turtle Bay location the ideal place to stay for those long creative projects.


  2. Transportation is easily accessible, making this location one of the most ideal in the city. Turtle Bay is uniquely tucked away within the city limits, but traveling beyond this enchanting neighborhood is incredibly easy and convenient. Located just blocks from some of the main subway lines and bus routes in Manhattan, Beekman Tower makes daily transportation simple and accessible. And, if public transportation isn’t up your alley, cabs and other ride-sharing services are always available.


  3. For a touch of nightlife and excitement, Beekman Tower is also just minutes from Times Square and Rockefeller Center. For those long days on set or the tedious hours in the studio, sometimes getting a little nightlife and visiting New York City’s staple attractions can rejuvenate the overworked mind and body. Check out the fantastic shopping options on Fifth Avenue or visit the Empire State Building, all within walking distance from Beekman Tower.


If you’re settling in for a long project and in search of short-term housing in Turtle Bay – welcome home!