Housing Near U.N. Headquarters

Looking for housing near U.N. Headquarters? Beekman Tower provides the perfect home base when you're in town.

Central Park, Beekman, New York

Located just across the street, Beekman Tower offers luxury housing near U.N. headquarters. Its convenient location in Midtown East, provides the perfect housing option for delegates from all over the world.

When the United Nations is not in session, getting out to explore the city is easy. Beekman Tower is advantageously located near all modes of public transportation. Explore some of New York’s best secrets like the Whispering Gallery at Grand Central Terminal or remnants of the Berlin Wall on Madison Avenue. Hit up some of New York’s most famous places like Times Square and enjoy the hustle and bustle. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot more than just beloved cartoon characters walking around one of New York’s busiest entertainment areas.

Beekman Tower is nestled in the Turtle Bay Garden Historic District which boasts beautiful views of the East River, enchanting fountains, tree-lined streets, and a sense of community. You housing near U.N. headquarters is situated in a quiet, friendly neighborhood to make you feel right at home. Turtle Bay is truly a taste of the suburbs right in the city.

Among the charm of Turtle Bay, you’ll find a variety of beautiful buildings including the famous art deco style Chrysler Building. The Chrysler Building, once the tallest building in New York until the Empire State Building was built, guards the edge of the neighborhood. If you have a chance, be sure to stop into the lobby to learn more about its history and for a truly spectacular example of art deco design.

Within walking distance to a variety of restaurants, you never have to go too far from Beekman Tower, no matter what type of food you’re craving. As a courtesy, we also offer complimentary reservations at our front desk. If you’re feeling culinarily adventurous, sample the many goodies at the Food Emporium under the Queensboro Bridge or walk among the Italian markets on 2nd street.  We’re also just steps away from local grocers such as Whole Foods Market, Citarella-Gourmet Market, and Devon & Blakely Prepared Foods. Grab your meal and head to Central Park for a picnic on a beautiful New York day.

Beekman Tower is a cost-effective and inviting alternative to staying at area U.N. hotels. Our housing near U.N. headquarters is not only convenient but provides unmatched services and amenities.