An Afternoon at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Looking for something to do while staying at holiday apartments in Cleveland? Be sure to check the Greater Cleveland Aquarium for amazing galleries and incredible aquarium sites!


This city is a lifeline for all sorts of sites and historical icons, so when you’re in town staying at holiday apartments in Cleveland, you might be looking for something to do during your extended stay. One of the greatest treasures of Cleveland is its aquarium, as it’s the only free standing one in the whole state. With local and exotic species of fish on display here, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium is almost 70,000 square feet!

Regardless of the day of the week you head to the aquarium, you’re in for a treat. Each day features a specific feeding—if you’re there on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday, you can watch the shark feeding! Monday is the feeding day for archerfish, Wednesday is a broadcast feed in the Shark SeaTube, Friday is the Cave Exhibit, and Saturday is the Amazon Exhibit day. So, if you have your heart set on one of these specific features, plan ahead!

Be sure to come with plenty of time to kill and plan ahead, as at 3 p.m., you can watch the stingray feeding, and right after that at 3:30 is the feeding time for the daily aquarium feature mentioned above. With the rest of your time, you can watch stingray encounters at the Touch Pool and tortoise encounters in Lakes & Rivers of the World.

Another great part of this aquarium is that it features galleries of specific aquatic areas. It includes the lakes and the rivers of the world, but it also features oceanic life, which for Ohio, is a really incredible asset!

The Discovery Zone is a segment that educates on water pollution and how it affects the life under water. The Exploration Station is a bit more hands-on, as it allows the guests to simulate a captain’s quarters and act as an underwater researcher.

Whether you’re here solo or with your family, the Greater Cleveland Aquarium is an entertaining and educational treat for all ages. When you’re staying in holiday apartments in Cleveland, make sure to stop by next time you’re in the area!