Discovering hidden wonders of one of New York’s gems steps from extended-stay apartments near Central Park. You’ll find things you might’ve passed a million times!

One of New York’s most beautiful attractions is home to some hidden gems to discover on your next visit to the city that never sleeps. Our extended-stay apartments near Central Park put you in the perfect location to explore one of the city’s best assets. Join native New Yorkers and those just traveling through in experiencing one of the country’s most-visited urban parks.

Founded in 1857, New York’s Central Park now spans 843 acres to explore. Truly an oasis in the middle of the city, this expansive park welcomes nearly 40 million visitors a year – but only a few are privy to the secret wonders of Central Park. Welcome to the club! On your next trip, discover these hidden gems of Central Park:


  • Waterfalls – Tucked away in the northern section of the park you’ll find one of Central Park’s most beautiful features. There are five waterfalls in the park, most of which can be found in the Ravine located in a 90-acre section called North Woods. All of the waterfalls in Central Park are man-made and sourced by the city’s drinking water. To find them, enter from the West side through Glen Span Arch around 102nd Street and follow the moving water.
  • Lamp Posts – Ever notice numbers on the lamp posts in Central Park? They have a not-so-secret purpose – giving directions! Each of 1,600 lamp posts throughout the park offer a numerical code to let you know exactly where you are should you get turned around during your adventure. You’ll find four numbers on each lamp post – the first two signify the nearest street and the second set of numbers let you know if you’re on the east or west side of the park. East side numbers are even, while west side are odd. For example, 6516 would mean you’re near 65th Street on the east side of the park.
  • Whisper Bench – One of the most unique pieces in Central Park is a semicircular bench lovingly known as the Whisper Bench. When two people sit on either end of the bench and one whispers against it, the sound magically travels along to the other end. The bench can be found on a path that leads from Shakespeare’s Garden. Don’t forget – if there is anyone else sitting on the bench your message will be interrupted! To access Shakespeare’s Garden and the Whisper Bench, enter at Central Park West and 72nd Street.
  • Conservatory Garden – The Conservatory Garden is one of Central Park’s must-see features. Spanning six acres, this space serves as the park’s formal garden. The garden features three distinct areas each designed in their own unique styles – French, Italian, and English. No matter what time of year you visit, there’s guaranteed to be something beautiful in bloom. In addition, be sure to catch Burnett Fountain and its surrounding reflecting pool.


If you’re in town for a while, Central Park will never cease to provide new things to discover. With our extended-stay apartments near Central Park, you’ll be blocks from a world of natural wonder teeming with history and adventure any time of year.