Best Spots for Viewing the Chicago Skyline

Looking for extended-stay housing in River North District? Don’t miss the ample opportunities for the beset views of the Chicago Skyline near your short-stay rental.

Chicago Fountain

When you find yourself in Chicago and looking for extended-stay housing in River North District, look no further than State and Grand. Conveniently located within the business district of Chicago, State and Grand offers state-of-the-art furnished, apartment-style housing for those looking to feel a bit more settled in during their stay in Chicago and avoid the hassle of renting a hotel room per night. With its location within walking distance of sophisticated museums and cultural art galleries as well as the fun and vibrant nightlife, staying in the River North District has never been more exciting or more convenient.

Checking out the Chicago skyline is a must for anyone staying in the Windy City for an extended period of time, and luckily, River North has quite a few options to do so.

  1. Skydeck Chicago – This spot is a must. Just a quick cab ride or Uber trip a few blocks from State and Grand, you can stand in a clear, glass box called The Ledge that makes you feel like you’re walking on air directly over the city. As long as heights don’t make you too nervous, this sight is totally worth it.


  2. Cindy’s – If you’re looking for a spot with more of a view of Lake Michigan, be sure to venture over to Cindy’s on Michigan Avenue. This is also just a quick cab ride away, but here, you can relax a bit with a cocktail, a few snacks, and some priceless scenery. Just for a moment, you’ll almost forget that you’re in a huge city.


  3. Navy Pier – If you’re entertaining a large group or if you’re in town with family, visiting the Navy Pier is also a solid choice. Not only does it offer an incredible view of the Chicago skyline, but it offers tons of rides, games, music, entertainment, and even fireworks!


  4. Riverwalk – Lastly, don’t forget to check out the Chicago Riverwalk along the Chicago River, just a quick cab ride from your extended-stay housing in River North District. Whether it’s day or night, this location places you in the center of the city and flawlessly highlights Chicago’s incredible and timeless architecture.


  5. State and Grand – That’s right! Our property has a rooftop patio where you can relax and catch stunning views of the Chicago skyline. If you don’t feel like venturing out of your short-stay housing, then just head up to the roof and take in the beautiful views.