Things to Do on the Shore of Lake Erie

Looking for things to do near short-stay housing along Lake Erie? Here are some of the best activities on the shore of Lake Erie to plan for your trip.

Lake Erie

When you’re in town, whether for business or pleasure, experiencing the culture of an area can make your trip memorable. If you’re lucky enough to be in short-stay housing near Lake Erie, then there is ample opportunity to enjoy yourself while in Cleveland. From the pure beauty of the lake to learning the finer points of handcrafted booze made along the shore, there is an activity for any interest. Here are some things that you just have to check out while you’re in town.


Along the shore of Lake Erie, you’ll find two unique operations that have become wildly popular in the past few years. Whether you’re interested in hard liquor or just looking to enjoy some locally brewed beer, these places have you covered.

At Cleveland Whiskey, you can experience a revolutionary line of spirits. Using innovative technology and transformative woods, this distillery has been able to “create a line of revolutionary new flavors that push the boundaries of traditional whiskey.” Their two-week rapid aging process is unlike any other you’ll find. Using a variety of woods including Sugar Maple Wood, Apple Wood, Black Cherry Wood, Honey Locust Wood, and Hickory Wood, Cleveland Whiskey is home to a new and exciting style of bourbon.

For the brew and spirit lover, check out Portside Distillery & Brewery overlooking Lake Erie. The first distillery to open in Cleveland since prohibition, Portside is famous for its artisan white rum made from 100 percent cane sugar. In addition, they offer a slew of handcrafted seasonal beers made from fresh, local ingredients. Be sure to check out their taproom for some delicious noshes, too!


Depending on when you’re visiting Cleveland, you may be able to take advantage of the beaches along Lake Erie.

Just 10 miles west of downtown Cleveland, you’ll find Huntington Beach. This beach, maintained by Cleveland Metroparks, offers a suburban respite in the summer months. Situated below a forested bluff, it’s the perfect place to take in the beauty of Lake Erie and catch a few rays. The beach is clean and well cared for, in fact, it’s been designated as Blue Wave Certified by the Clean Beaches Council. Pack a picnic and slather on the sunblock.

If you want to head a little further out of the downtown area, less than 30 minutes away, you’ll find Headlands Beach State Park nestled in Mentor. This mile-long beach is one of Ohio’s longest and largest. Featuring natural sand, this park also offers a concession stand, fishing, picnicking, and trails.

There’s lots to experience near short-stay housing along Lake Erie, for the city-focused traveler or the nature lover – Cleveland has it all!