Staying Fit in Housing Near Cleveland Clinic

Staying at short-term housing near Cleveland Clinic? Here are some ways to stay fit during your trip despite being away from the routine and comforts of home.

Healthy Food

Whether you’re a gym rat or someone new to the gym scene, staying fit in short-term housing near the Cleveland Clinic doesn’t have to be hard. You can choose to work out on your own or take group classes to get fit and make new friends. Gyms like the WO Walker Fitness Center and One to One Fitness offer a variety of group fitness classes to meet everyone’s interests and needs. They also have personal training options in case you’d rather have more in depth training.

Both gyms don’t stop at just exercise, they each offer stress management programs and nutrition guidance specifically tailored to your needs so it’ll be easy for you to follow. WO Walker Fitness Center also offers active living resources to help you continue being active outside the gym. They provide resources and walking and trail maps for the surrounding area. If biking is your thing, they have bike maps too, complete with the best places to park. One to One Fitness offers massage and sunless tanning services in addition to their group classes and nutrition resources. Check out their Recovery Station for pre- and post-workout smoothies and snacks.

Home Workouts for Your Short-term Housing Near Cleveland Clinic

Staying fit doesn’t have to mean going to the gym each day. For those of you who have no time or do not want to pay for a gym membership you know you probably won’t use as often as you should, you can still get a full body workout right in the comfort of your home. Often, people are overly optimistic about their willpower to work out and don’t realize that sticking to a simple schedule will help. If you remove the gym from the equation, staying fit in your short-term housing near the Cleveland Clinic becomes a whole lot easier with these no equipment in-home workout tips.

Use your bodyweight or furniture around your serviced apartment to help you get the workout you want. The best equipment-free workouts are the tried and true exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges and planks. For a more difficult workout, try an incline push up using your couch. Put your feet up or push up from the top of the couch. You can also do wall push-ups to work on your form.

Before you begin any exercise, make sure you warm up and stretch! You’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t stretch before and after your workout, no matter where you choose to get fit.

The focus of every workout should always be on form, not how many reps you can accomplish. If you have bad form, you’re hurting yourself no matter how many you can do of each exercise. Slowly work up to a higher number of reps and before you know it, you’ll be crushing your fitness goals at your short-term housing near the Cleveland Clinic.