Keeping Up Your Routine at Short-Term Medical Housing

If you’re staying in short-term housing near Ohio State Medical Center, it’s important to focus on keeping a routine despite being away from home. Here are some ways to stay on track.

Ohio Buckeye

Keeping up your routine while out of town can be a bit difficult, especially when your normal amenities are not available. If you keep an open mind and remain flexible, these simple steps will help you stay on track with your schedule during your stay in short-term housing near Ohio State Medical Center. 

A morning routine can really help get you through the day. Let’s say at home you would start your day with a big breakfast, take a few moments to reflect and plan your to-do list, and then you’d go for a walk. Even if you aren’t at home, you can still start the same. There are plenty of breakfast restaurants in the area, or be prepared and bring food with you. The more you are prepared, the better you’ll be able to stick to your routine. 

If you know you won’t be able to function without going for a run or walk in the morning, research the area around Ohio State Medical Center to find good running and walking trails. If all else fails, walk around your short-term housing a couple times. Using the furniture in your short-term apartment can help you get in a great workout as well.            

Caffeine is a must for most in the mornings and throughout the day. There are plenty of good coffee shops near your short-term housing by Ohio State Medical Center. Grab a coffee and lose yourself in a good book. People watching is a favorite too. 

Food routines are easy to stick to as well. When it’s Tuesday and you normally have tacos, still go out for tacos or buy the ingredients and make them instead. Friday is a popular night for pizza, why skip tradition? There are plenty of options and most places will even deliver. Check out the flyers or online for coupons for great deals. 

Sticking to your laundry routine while in short-term housing near Ohio State Medical Center doesn’t have to be difficult. Wednesday nights are perfect for laundry; you have clothes leftover from the weekend and your favorite pair of jeans you’d like to wear tomorrow. Get everything done and fold while you’re watching your favorite TV shows that come on Wednesday nights. 

Just remember, the more prepared you are, the more you’ll be able to stick to your daily routine in your short-term housing near Ohio State Medical Center.