Simplified Accommodations Management

As a travel leader, you juggle the demands of providing easy booking options to your teammates while staying within your company's travel guidelines and budget. BridgeStreet Global Hospitality understands these pressures. As a global leader in extended stay solutions for small to medium size companies as well as Fortune 1000 companies, we can offer short and long-term accommodations with all the amenities of a hotel, customized travel programs, and monthly reporting all in one place.

Single Source Extended-Stay Solution

Twenty years of global hospitality experience has given BridgeStreet the confidence of more than 4000 clients across the globe whose travel programs include consulting projects, intern programs, business trips, international assignments and relocation. BridgeStreet is built for business travel and we're ready to be your single source extended stay solution.

Customized solution ensures that your company’s policies on travel, payment preferences and business rules are built into a streamlined booking process
Over 90,000 serviced apartments, homes and extended-stay hotels available to your teammates
Teammates can make their own reservations in real-time with instant booking confirmation
Bespoke platform allows easy access to reservations, global reporting & approval scores
Data is integrated through our cloud-based BI platform, BSi, to allow fast, accurate analysis of all aspects of your travel program