Extended-Stay Business Travel and Consulting Solutions

Real needs met in REAL TIME!

Extended-stay business travel can be daunting or it can be easy with BridgeStreet, the global experts who created the first unified technology platform built for business travel that matches long-stay business travelers with ideal accommodations with a point and a click – in REAL TIME.

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One Trusted Resource ... Thousands of Options

A challenge for consultants is the frequent need for extended-stay travel accommodations. From furnished apartments to extended-stay hotels to houses and hostels – BridgeStreet is the one, global source for extended-stay properties around the world. Properties that are serviced, quality-certified by Deloitte’s LRA Worldwide, and stays that are ALL guaranteed for quality.

Real-time Booking Engine or Dedicated Sourcing Professionals. You or your teammates can make their own reservations in real-time or connect with our dedicated sourcing professionals.
Flexible Housing Solutions. Access to furnished apartments, extended-stay hotels, hostels and furnished houses in prime locations in all major cities. All inventory is trusted and verified.
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BridgeStreet Satisfaction Guaranteed. Dedicated housing specialists 24/7. If we can’t fix the problem by midnight, your first night is FREE and any subsequent night is 50% off, until the problem is resolved.
Quality Checked by LRA Deloitte. Quality of our inventory is checked by LRA Deloitte, a global provider in quality assurance standards. BridgeStreet is a renowned award winner in both the Americas and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa).