High Quality, Furnished Housing for your Interns

Short and Extended-stay Accommodations Customized for your Organization

Based on our experience with our clients, intern involvement with the company has a direct impact on an organization's ability to attract and retain top tier talent. As a global leader in extended-stay solutions, we offer high quality accommodations for your interns with an ongoing support from our program management team.

An Accommodation Partner that Speaks your Language

We design customized intern-housing program for your business and book trusted accommodations conforming to your housing guidelines, so your interns can work, live and sleep well, guaranteed. A scalable program that you can quantify and qualify to attract and retain talent.

Global Company with Regional Experts

Our global resources and inventory allows our clients to have a wider choice of accommodation and a year-round access to guaranteed apartment inventory. All furnished housings located in prime locations in all major cities for the convenience of your interns. Work directly with a team of regional experts to support your current and evolving program needs.

Sense of Community and Uniformity

We have a dedicated customer service team to create a sense of community for your interns and ensure a unified experience that’s aligned with your company’s culture and branding. The program includes a suitable match housing service and roommate match for your interns to feel right at home and meet your organization’s criteria.